This is a Huge New Industry Opportunity

We have been working on this for years and it’s finally happening.

So excited to see and the different themes and ideas for the

New Consumption Lounges in Las Vegas.

Here is a quote from a June 24th, 2021 press release:


“Consumption Lounges are going to be a whole new sector of the Cannabis Industry across the country. People from around the world will be watching how the first Consumption Lounge sites open in Nevada and the Las Vegas market. Within the next few years, I expect these will become popular across the country and later, you will see consumption areas in bars or restaurants”, said Tim Morales.  “Whether you are from Nevada or anywhere in the country, if you are interested in building out a consumption lounge in your area, you need to follow this exciting new market opportunity as it grows with new and different ideas. We invite you to sign up for our newsletter at CannabisLounges dot Vegas.”



This is a brand new industry that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people across the country will have a great interest in.

40 different Consumption Lounges all opening within the next few months.


During the California Gold Rush - 1848-1855. The people that made the most money were the people in the ancillary businesses not the gold miners. People selling the picks and shovels, tents and food made the real money. Levi-Strauss started their company in 1853 to sell to the miners.


ancillary-providing necessary support to the primary activities or operation of an organization, institution, industry, or system.

"the development of ancillary services to support its products"


That’s what LVC Deals offers. Working with the Consumption Lounges and other Las Vegas companies to get the word out.


I can’t image anyone that currently consumes some type of Cannabis to plan a vacation to Las Vegas and not go to at least one Consumption Lounge if not more. Their pals at home are going to want a full report on the new lounges. Our Las Vegas Cannabis Consumption Lounge Directory with have all the information people will need. Plus our other sponsors, like food, drink, hotels, transportation and many of the Las Vegas top shows and exhibits.  


Investing in the ancillary side of the Cannabis market offers great opportunities. The best part is, since we don't touch the plant, there are no high priced licenses and build out costs.  


Our website will offer many Las Vegas services. 


Interested in investing in the ground floor opportunity?  You are investing in the Ancillary side of the cannabis market. We are not a Consumption Lounge.


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